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Laravel Horizon setup

@code4mk 2017-07-28

Horizon provides a beautiful dashboard and code-driven configuration for your Laravel powered Redis queues. Horizon allows you to easily monitor key metrics of your queue system such as job throughput, runtime, and job failures.

All of your worker configuration is stored in a single, simple configuration file, allowing your configuration to stay in source control where your entire team can collaborate. Taylor Otwell publish beta version . laravel 5.5 and php 7.1
Horizon setup :

  • Redis Install
    First install redis in your machine . if you don’t install redis in your machine Horizon does not work properly .
    Download: redis.
    If your machine is windows download : Redis-x64–3.2.100.msi and install this .
  • Horizon
    Now time for horizon . setp by step follow instructions …………..
  • step:1
    composer require laravel/horizon
  • step:2
    Set this in your provider :
  • step: 3
    composer dump-autoload
  • step:4
    php artisan vendor:publish
  • step:6
    php artisan horizon

Your setup is done now check